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  Great Site   5-4-2004   from matwood9:


Anyone who thinks they saw something in those pictures obviously cannot see the forest from the trees from the "evil spirits". HAHAHA.  The face is branches and the dark image is  tree trunk.  This truly tells you how stupid Americans are.  Someday I will join a skeptics society but until then, these websites and the people that visit them are truly amusing.


dvb replies: I don't know if there are "evil spirits" in those pictures or what, but I do know that it takes an evilly spirited person to make fun of others.



  A quick question about visiting spider gates   4-25-2004   from PBOZ51:


Are you positive that if I went up to spider gates during the day in the afternoon The police will not arrest me or fine me? Do I need to get permission or something else?  Please let me know.


dvb replies: You can contact the owners of Friends Cemetery, the Worcester-Pleasant Street Friends Society (Quakers), using the contact info I provided in the Spider Gates page. 



  Spider Gates   4-24-2004   from Bdevilballer34:


i was wondering, is spider gates off limits just at night, or are people no longer allowed there during the day, because another site has it as off limits at all times yet i was up there today and there was a van parked outside the gate, im doing a video project on the "haunted" places in the area and i was just wondering, thanks

dvb replies: My most recent info is that it is open in the day and closed at night.  Video taping is expressly forbidden.  For further info you can contact the owners of Friends Cemetery, the Worcester-Pleasant Street Friends Society (Quakers), using the contact info I provided in the Spider Gates page. 



  Photographs of Littleton MA   4-20-2004   from kimberlynugent:


I was on your web site on a search on the Web for old photographs of Littleton MA.  I am looking to purchase some old photographs of my home town.  Do you have photographs?  If so, are they for sale?  Otherwise do you know where I might find some?


dvb replies: Try eBay or the Littleton Historical Society - both have them for sale.



 Locating the Hoosac Train Tunnel   4-17-2004   from gdeyss:


I have been trying to the locate the  Hoosac Tunnel because I thought that this may make a nice place to visit for the family.


dvb replies: The East portal is located in Florida MA.  This is marked on topo maps (www.topozone.com) and on the Yahoo maps as well (http://maps.yahoo.com).


  Spider Gate Site   4-18-2004  from baremountain:


I found your website on an AOL message board. I enjoyed your tour. It is a beautiful area. At the bottom of your site you showed two figures in two different photos. This got me to thinking: I have a novel coming out soon, and had a cover idea which I sent to the publisher. They will use the photo. I took it at an inn, in Micanopy Florida. I had added in a fake ghost to the photo, they liked it. I then sent the picture to several friends to see what they thought and got back a rash of e-mails telling me that there were faces all over the room, in the carpet, in the bed, and so on. I'm sending you the link to my site. See what you think if you have time.


   Attn: Daniel V. Boudillion, from Discovery Channel   4-2-2004   from jane:


Hello Mr Boudillion - I am really interested in discussing your findings regarding the mothman and thunderbirds. I am hoping this e-mail is still valid. I am part of a Production Company making a documentary series for Discovery Channel, namely "Animal X 3".  If you are interested in communicating further with me, please e-mail!  Otherwise, thanks for your time.


  Concerning the megalithic site at Burnt Hill   3-23-2004   from matthewharrell:


Do you happen to have any aerial shots? How were the 21 stones arranged? I study neurotheology and metaphysics, but I believe this may be of significance to
my research. Any help would be appreciated


  Concerning the 21 stones at Burnt Hill   3-23-2004   from matthewharrell:


I'm very interested in these stones... My name is Matthew and I do a lot of neurotheology and metaphysics research... Could I perhaps see a map of the stones that you have drawn? You mentioned on your site that there were three "levels" so to speak? correct? I'm extremely interested in this, and these stones may help me on my spiritual quest... If you're interested in helping me any, please do... Myself and the rest of society would be much obliged.


 Devil's Elbow   3-23-2004   from fitzov2003"


Excellent website. I found it on a search for 'devil's elbow brookfield'. I recently visited the site with my stepfather. Why I visited the site is forgotten or coincidence--I had wanted to about 15 years ago while I was a senior at N. Brookfield high. I forget why. To my surprise, there was actually something there. The site is dated at the latter part of the seventeenth century. There is a homestead and military road. My companion suggested that the road was used to and from Ft. Ticonderoga, but neither of us are historians.
On your website you suggested that the path goes from the end of the road to Old Braintree Village. Did you gather this from an old map, or what? (N. Brookfield library has a good local history section I'm told).

  Hoosac Tunnel Exploration   3-14-2004  from marc.dufour:


Good day.  I enjoyed your Hoosac tunnel exploration page.  I find tunnels quite interesting, and I happen to live near a  well-traveled one, the Mount-Royal tunnel, in which I managed to explore  the ventilation shaft, but in a less tiring way. We simply rode a train and  asked the engineer to drop us at the shaft...




  Postcards  3-13-2004   from BigG43:


I own The Great Frame Up, a custom picture  framing business  located in the Westford Valley Marketplace on Rt 110 in  Westford. I am interested in the postcards of Littleton and any other prints of the  town that you may have.


  Spider Gate Cemetery   3-12-2004   from rmlandress:


The Friends Cemetery, or Spider Gates as it is more popularly called, is the resting place for a number of my ancestors - the Earle family - direct descendents of Ralph Earle who first settled in Leicester MA.  I have never had the opportunity to visit the cemetery, but would love a listing and photos of the Earle graves there.  Do you have such a thing or do you know anyone who does?  I did get a list from the Friends Church in Worcester who own the cemetery but don't have any other information.


  Possible Site To Explore   3-10-2004   Windy915:


Have you ever considered investigating the claims that the Northampton State Hospital is haunted? I did, a long time ago, do some research on it at Forbes Library in Northampton.  I learned of a patient uprising where most of the staff were killed.  I learned that there was unexplained patient deaths, for example, a patient restrained in a bed, choking on bed sheets and another patient, restrained in a wheelchair dying in a porch fire.  Both incidents, among other preventable tragedies, have been documented.  I really can't remember all but those two stand out in my mind.  By the way, I grew up in Easthampton, which is one town over, and I have heard my share of ghost stories.  I have always been interested in finding out the truths, kind of like you do, and that's why I did the research first.  I had also heard of patients being chained and beaten in underground tunnels.  There are tunnels which connect all the buildings, but I don't think I read anything about that.  I have made several trips, both day and night, to the hospital.  It is as creepy during the day as it is at night.  And, at night, me and my braver friends, were always chased out by the security police that patrolled the area.  Never caught thankfully.  Being older now I realize that was a stupid thing to do without having permission, but I was young! Stories that I have heard are of a light in one of the buildings turning on, and then going out if you move around to look at it from a different angle. Another of an apparition of 2 men dressed in white jackets bringing in a man in a straight jacket, the patient is not cooperating so the 2 men bang his head against the wall, the patient goes limp and they proceed to drag him into the building.  This apparition was seen (supposedly) by one of my friends on one of the nights we had gone there.  It was seen at the main building.

There are many stories, people getting in the tunnels and seeing shackles with skeletons still attached, voices, screams and groans being heard all throughout the property.

There is an area, yet to be discovered, that is the site of the burial plot where approx. 150 patients were buried.  It hasn't been discovered but there are efforts to locate it. Recently, the hospital was bought by someone who wants to demolish the buildings and build a retirement community.  There was a vote to try and save at least the main building.  I don't know the outcome. I hope this helps.  Please let me know if you make any plans to visit since I would be very interested to know what you find!

PS  I have been to the Hoosac Tunnel and was not brave enough to walk through... I don't like the idea of a train coming that close to me!  And, I want to thank you for your field report on the Spider Gates Cemetery.  I had heard great stories of this place, and you dispelled them all!  Now, I purely am interested in it for the reason that my friend is a Southwick and is interested to know if he is remotely related to the Southwick family.   I really love learning the history of places, and usually I learn of these places for my high interest in anything possibly haunted.    Unfortunately, many places turn out to be just that, places with history.  I'll keep hunting though....  Thanks for your time.  :)


  Anomalous Stones, Witchcraft Heights   3-9-2004   from oddne:


I'm the webmaster at www.OddNewEngland.com, a travel  site exploring unusual and curious spots in New England. The site is just  getting started and far from complete. During research, I came across your  site which I find very interesting.

I would love to establish a relationship with you whereby we can share  resources and the like. I will be exploring many features that are in the  same context as your site, and you have provided valuable information which  I could use on mine. What do you think?

Also, I grew up in Salem, MA and actually attended Witchcraft Heights  Elementary school when it opened. I have a wealth of information on the  area and the school. It's called Witchcraft Heights because that's what the  developer named the development in the late 1960's owing to the presence of  Gallows's Hill which is indeed where the 19 "witches" were hanged. They  built the school and named it the same. If you drive around the development  behind the school, you'll notice that the streets have Witch names...such  as Witch Way, Puritan Drive, Cauldron Court, Crescent Circle, Gallows Hill  Road...I grew up at 37 Ord St. myself which predates the development.

Also, the school was recently discovered to be built on the site of a  tannery dumping ground and heavily contaminated with arsenic. The whole  thing fixed through some superfund thing, and though the school is similar,  the hills around it have been significantly altered.

You also might be interested to know that there are many stone walls in the  area attributed to King Phillips War.

If you ever go back to Salem, I highly recommend a trip to Fort Pickering,  which is on Winter Island near Salem Willows and the power plant. Nothing  like an 18th century fort filled with caves and ponds to give one and eerie  feeling. It's like a miniature Fort Warren, actually. There's a campground  there now. There's another fort on the hill overlooking Salem Willows whose  name escapes me now. It was an earthen structure, and it looks like just a  big hole now.


Southbridge   2-23-2004   from gauthieb:


I was wondering if you have ever visited the stone chamber, stone cairns, and a fallen standing stone in Southbridge MA?  If not, and if you are interested, I could send you pictures, and a map.  I could even take you there. 


Bristol City Esker  2-20-2004   from douglas.butler:


I know of an esker with all sorts of wonderful stuff all around it.  I did some fairly extensive research on it as a student of a man who spent 20 years surveying these kinds of sites, (he worked with Mavor and Dix on some of the Manitou sites).  I found the first map of the area that included a swamp that remains a swamp that has stone rows running all through it. Stone mounds, embrasures, earthen mounds, standing stones.


Thanks from Harvard for all of your local archaeological research   2-16-2004   from jeffbrown:


I just want to thank you for the information on your website.   I've spent the past few days digesting all of your fascinating local adventures in the shaker area.  We have lived on Littleton Road close to Shaker Road for close to five years and you are helping us to have a deeper understanding of where we live and what came before.


Mothman/Thunderbird  2-12-2004   from ThistledewFarm:


Have you looked much into the Cornstalk Curse?  Seems strange that Cornstalk placed a curse on Point Pleasant, and then the area started having Thunderbird visitations, just before and just after major disasters.  I'm a native of West Virginia, and I wanted to tell you that I appreciate your theories.


Introduction  2-9-2004  from oceansphoto:


Let me introduce myself, my name is Amy Andrews from Cranston RI. I am a Board Member for the Rhode Island based paranormal research group, R.I.P. Inc. 
I stumbled upon your site by a link posted on our discussion board and am greatly impressed with your field research.  You're professionalism with gaining permissions for certain investigations and your thoroughness in regards to research into historical significance of your finds is in my opinion outstanding and oftentimes overlooked by some groups, which can in turn make it difficult for others to gain access/permissions etc. in the future.   We are looking into some investigations this spring which involved some interesting rock structures some claim to be altars etc.  We would love to have a person such as yourself involved in our continuing research, especially in these specialized cases.  Based on what I've read I feel that you would be a great asset to our team. If you are interested in working with our group you can check out what we're all about at www.riparanormal.org  If you have any questions or need any more info just let me know, I check my email daily except on weekends.  Hope to hear from you soon!


Burnt Hill, MA   2-6-2004   from gnbrotz


Dr. Boudillion, I would be very interested in obtaining a copy of the map you created showing the stone formations on Burnt Hill. 

I am located in south-central PA, and recently received a link to your page from a friend.  We both found it very interesting.  In our local area, we enjoy spending time hiking through our state forests, looking for and documenting interesting things we find.  Some of our projects include visiting "charcoal hearth" sites (where charcoal was made to fuel early iron industry) hoping to find remaining stone chimneys from the workers' huts and finding a rumored "concrete arrow" in the middle of the woods (it was used for early aviation navigation).

We use consumer grade gps units, and some basic survey techniques to find and/or document what we have found.  We then incorporate this information into software which can overlay the information onto topo maps and aerial photos.  It is pretty much just a hobby for us, but we enjoy it very much, and take great pride in what we do.  If only we were closer, you can be sure we'd be on that hill as soon as the weather allowed!

We have not ruled out a trip to see this area, but as it is quite a distance, it may be some time until this actually happens.  Thank you for any additional info on this site that you can provide.


Your Website; Directions   2-3-2004   from tooxtremeicw: 

Dear Mr. Boudillion, I recently came upon your website while looking up paranormal sites in Massachusetts, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I'm very interested in the Paranormal activity and ghosts that have been seen here in Massachusetts (the Hockomock Swamp/Bridgewater Triangle in particular), but I also love exploring and the outdoors, so your website was very interesting.  I know you said you sometimes cannot divulge directions to the sites you have visited, and understandably so, but I was wondering if you could let me know how to get to Anawam Rock, and Profile Rock.  I live in West Bridgewater, and would like to visit these at some point.  Also, I was told about an Indian burial ground in the Blue Hills in Milton, and a "ghost road" in Milton.  I checked out the supposed ghost road, and aside from being rather narrow and somewhat creepy to drive on, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.  I was wondering if you had heard of either the burial ground or the road?

Once again, thanks for the great photos and information on your website, and keep up the good work.

Hoosac   2-3-2004   from croowtbot:


As one with a long time interest in the tunnel, it was great when I stumbled across your website yesterday. I have made several trips there to take photographs at both portals but have never gone further than a couple of hundred yards inside. Not that I haven't wanted to make a full excursion, as you have done!

I guess that my main concern would be that of being arrested. I had not considered the possibility of a track car going through, as you you experienced, but that is a distinct possibility along a major railroad. I have only seen one train there during my trips and it was going along rather slowly at restricted speed. Nevertheless, it would be my luck to run into at least one while inside.

I would be interested in your thoughts on this with you having actually made it through these encounters. Any further details you could pass along would be much appreciated.


LAM   1-30-2004   from solarchild56:


Hmm.  Interesting article/synopsis/theory on LAM*  It found its way into the occult community, specifically the O.T.O.  Since you find the subject of great interest, I'm sure you will find value here: [...]

A lot of common synchronicities. Though its in its early stages of development, it holds some knowledge into key mysteries of LAM. If one is adept enough to pick up upon its magical messages/arcanum and planetary aspects/vibrations. You will find some definite similarities in conjecture/conjuncture to your essay.

Watch those "Grey Aliens", there everywhere. The Big Bad Grey Lam Ahh Sasquach Aye. Alistair is not spelt Ali-Stair, Its spelt Aleister... Blessed Bee within the Tree of Nuit and Hadit !


Native Information   1-27-3004   from hanthayo:

I am interested in learning more about Native American historic sites in the Boston area.  I liked your site a lot...


Thoreau's Journal   1-23-2004   from kdann:


I have just been reading your field report as I sit with Thoreau's journal from 1849 and contemplate a whole interesting series of entries:

"We have a saying an East quarter bargain i.e. a secret one – The Copper mines – the old silver mine now deserted – the holt –the great meadows – The Baker Farm – The Dam Meadows –The Eastabrooks Place—Jenny Dugan’s—The Ministerial Lot—Fairy land—Sleepy Hollow—"

I am intrigued by “Fairy land’ --which is one place name that does not show up on that great map that HL Gleason made for the 1906 editions of the Journals. I have been doing lots of thinking about old Henry and the fairies, and what his neighbors thought about fairies. Seems like there was not too much folklore circulating during his lifetime, as he records a ton of local folklore, but no fairy lore that I have found. Have you any idea what the ‘cinnamon stone’ might be?

"Nashoba hill where the Indians heard strange rumbling noises . . ." I am not sure about you but I don't buy the geologists' latest explanation about mystery booms--that they are seismic in origin. The local version of the Moodus Noises down here in NC (I'm from Vermont, but am down here teaching this winter) has been active of late, not only down on the coast, but all the way up here to Orange County. I read -- in an online source with no citation, but I hope to run down a reputable source on native place names-- that "Nashoba" means "hill that shakes" (sounds somewhat classically apocryphal!). Having read your report on Nashoba Hill and the structures there (fantastic work, by the way! I love the way you approach the contemporary "neo-pagan" activity), I wonder what you make of all this.

Since from what I found on your site you go in for the Fortean and demonological, I wondered if in your ramblings you've run on any reference to some sort of haunting in Sudbury. Thoreau's journal is torn up in this section, so difficult to make out, but it reads so:

". . .Where Old Nick lived. & you may see his cellar-hole & well & hollow orchard stumps. [I take "Old Nick" to be a reference to the Devil.]

Or Else
        “To Sudbury’s famous meadows & Tall’s isle
        Beneath full many a bridge we madly shot.

& walked through Sudbury town
        A solitary town, where man was not,
        Soon did we enter with protracted dread!
        Like one who walks at midnight in a trance,
        And balconizing with the cats curvets, [?]
        So stalked we silent on, terrified all!
        A mesmerized abyss, where mystic hands
        Had with soft passes put the place asleep,
        Then folded & gone on forgetting it.

--Walked through a country town’s deserted streets – now in the ninth year of the plague.
        For though the eaves were rabbitted
        & the well sweep was slanted,
        Each house was not inhabited
        But haunted.

Any notions on what sort of plague? Perhaps this was an outlying village of Sudbury that experienced a trauma that led to depopulation?

"On we sailed up the Sudbury River –past the cliffs through Fair Haven Bay & nine acre corner—under many bridges by pantry Brook—round Hill Tall’s Isle & the great Sudbury Meadows

To Willis’ Hill by Old Marlboro Road Rock-seat Hill -- & the retired house—Indian mounds? on hill. Willis’ Pond a wild & savage lake surrounded by low woods & swamps. . ."

Here I pester you with the question as to whether you know of suspected "Indian mounds" on a "Rock Seat Hill" in Sudbury.

Now this last query is a bit odder. Having just last night finished reading Keel's Mothman Prophecies, I guess I might be seeing cryptic critters everywhere, but I couldn't help but think that this entry of Thoreau's masked an elemental demonic attack on a henhouse:

"Sunday Oct 28th 1849 Mrs. Tilly Holden had 28 hens she went out to the barn to feed them; and found 8 nice fat hens lying dead on the floor – Something had sucked their blood. She could not go to meeting that day but was obliged to stay at home to pick the fowls. The next Sunday she went to the barn & found 20 nice fat hens lying dead. 8 & 20 made [38] 28—all she had. Her boy saw the bright eyes of something peering through a crack—they fired and killed a mink."

Sure, I imagine wild mink can go on killing sprees, but I found the other elements--"something had sucked their blood"; the fact that it was on two Sundays surrounding Halloween, and the 'bright eyes' peering at the boy. I know from Fort and Keel and others that it is just like these tricksters to leave behind some plausible suspect--the mink in this case--to cover its own tracks. I'm curious why  Thoreau does not have more to say. Or why does he say anything at all, if this sort of wild animal theft of poultry was a common occurrence? What did his mink trapping friends have to say about it? 

I have a working hypothesis about Concord that it is distinctly NOT haunted because Thoreau and the other members of the Concord Circle--Emerson, Alcott, etc.-- 'blessed' the place by the very nature of their lofty thoughts. I do believe this very much about Thoreau; I've experienced certain blessings of a similar nature in my own life. But this little suite of episodes suggests that even the most blessed of landscapes suffers from occasional hauntings by demonic forces. In fact, I am just looking at the map, and here is Concord’s own “Bridgewater triangle” of Forteana—the Nashoba spot of noises: the mutilation spot at Tilly Holden’s between White Pond and Fair Haven Bay: and this Sudbury haunting, which remains a mystery to me.

Sorry to go on so, but I was so excited when I stumbled on your site. Hope to speak with you about your sense of all this.


Littleton Information   1-20-2004   from wwi:


I found your website with the postcard page while searching for information about Littleton.  I was wondering if you could help me.  I am thinking about purchasing a home in the Long Lake area of Littleton.  Could you tell me about the community there?  Perhaps the benefits and drawbacks?  Any help you could provide will be appreciated.


Copper in Ohio   1-19-2004   from pm2157:

Many copper artifacts have been found in the Ohio mounds including swords and shields. There are many strange things that have no logical answers in Ohio.

Hiking the Hoosac   1-19-2004   from ebowerman:


I read your article and I've hiked the tunnel twice now... I believe that the Hoosac Hilton is small room blasted out of the rock right around the central shaft area.  I think it was a refuge for signalmen in past time...  Today it just houses signal equipment. Did you climb up the central shaft at all?  One of the picture on the site looks like you did.   Also... can you put my in touch with anyone from IRONFIST who has hiked the tunnel?

Spider Gates   1-13-2004   from satellite82:


Hello, I just got done reading your site on Spider Gates Cemetery.   I thought that  your site, was a very mature and informative way to investigate such a well known "haunted"  cemetery.   I wish more people would be so level headed about investigations.  I can't stand it when people think that water spots on a camera is an "orb".   It's kind-of pathetic.


I am very into ghosts, haunting,  and especially legends.   Researching legends and alleged hauntings is my top favorite pass time, but I don't take it to the extreme of what "typical" ghost hunters do.  I don't expect every story to be true, and I don't think that everything that looks scary has to be haunted.   Which is why I really loved your story on Spider Gates.  It was all facts.  If you saw a ghost or got a bad vibe, you would have stated it in the most factual way possible.   I  just think that was awesome! :) ....


I was wondering if you only did research in Mass.   I live in Rhode Island and I know every possible ghost story and haunted place in the state.  If you would be interested, (because I would love to hear your opinion on well-known hauntings here),  I can give you a couple of locations that are really spooky and have a very good story/legend behind them. 


Shaker Spring   1-12-2004   from theheralall:


Hi Mr. boudillion. I am a student at Piscataway high school. I am very interested in your research on the Harvard Shaker's fountain of youth. I am currently doing a term paper based on your research. It would be greatly appreciated if you can supply with me some of the shakers who you think actually drank from the fountain and if possible the results they got.


Wondering If You Go To Berkshire County   1-7-2004   from mattdiamondz:


I came across your web page and I thought it was very interesting. I was wondering if you ever do any exploring in Berkshire County? I am from Richmond, there is one site in particular that you might know about, in the town of West Stockbridge there is a quarry that is off of Rte 41 across the street from the West Stockbridge sportsmen's club.  about a 5-10 minute walk in the woods you cross the river and then you are right at the quarry, not sure was was mined out of it, maybe marble? anyway if you go right and follow the trail to the first 20 foot cliff you cross over this little culvert, if you get in it you see a tunnel that goes quite far in, it is man made and is covered with slabs of rock, you go in a few feet and it goes into a large room, then the tunnel gets a smaller opening and I don't know where it leads to from there as I was not brave enough to venture in much farther.  I was wondering if you have been to this site before and what this tunnel might be?  also are you familiar with any quarries in West Stockbridge or Richmond? do you know any history behind any of them?  If you have any information you could share with me about them I would greatly appreciate it, I enjoyed your site keep up the good work!



Tip For You   12-28-2003   from popieniuck:

If your interested I've seen a site in the Stow Town forest you might like. Finding the forest is easy enough finding the site is harder since it's off  a small side trail. I managed to find it while mtn biking out that way.  It's a large stone stair case set into the side of a hill and some old stone structures scattered around the surrounding area.. If your interested here are the directions to it.

From the parking lot follow the main trail over the small stone bridge, veer left at first branch. Stay on that trail all the way to the first small sand pit. Head to large sand pit adjacent to it marked by No Trespassing signs.  Don't worry, I've never seen a soul near the place. Just don't hang out there very long. Anyway cross this large sand pit and head up opposite bank near tree stump piles. They've been placed there to block dirt bikers from using this pit. But they've made a small trail that leads out, that's the one you want , follow it to the staircase. The place is crisscrossed by lots of hiking and biking paths so it's easy to find other ways to it but that's the easiest I can think of.

Oh and this place attracts homeless people. Never seen one there but I have seen their temporary huts around the area. Just a caution for ya. Never heard any stories about what it once was. Sorry. Hope you find it to your liking!

Mothman   12-27-2003   from trailwalkn:


Has there ever been any human injuries caused by the Mothman?  In the movie the Mothman Prophesies it is eluded to that there is conversation and predictions being forecast by this being.  Was this developed to inspire the movie or was there ever any associated events like this?  What if any role do the prophesies play?  I live in western PA and I have had two unexplainable incidents that have perked my interest in these areas.  Is there any one in this area that is willing to talk to others about what they saw, where, and when?


Indian at the Mohawk Club   12-23-2003   from bhenry:

I found your web page while searching for caves, tunnels and other things in Massachusetts.

You have a short section on the Indian in front of the Mohawk Club. I am not sure of when the Mohawk club shut down but the Indian may have showed up either after the Mohawk Club was out of business or on it's last legs. The Indian was originally at Bensons Wild Animal Farm in Hudson, NH. That closed down in 1989 and Stanley NcNiff, owner of the Mohawk club, bought the Indian and a live buffalo. I don't know where the buffalo ended up but it did live behind the Mohawk for a few years.

While I never went to the Mohawk much as a paying customer, I can attest to the sticky floor. At one time I worked part time (early 70's) for McNiff (he is/was really big into real estate) and his office was in the club and I also used to go there often as part of the ambulance crew. When Devens was open things got real exciting the Friday night after military payday.


Shaker Spring House   12-20-2003  from SalmiJ:


I would like to visit The Shaker Spring House - Oak Hill.  Could you tell me how to get to it?

Eastern Mass   12-2-2003   from rob:


I've been checking out your site often and wondered, do you ever venture out to eastern Mass? Seems all the cool stuff to find is out west, but we must have a few things out here.

I'm stuck in Haverhill, "shoe city", and have begun to poke around a bit. We started a site, mostly devoted to abandoned buildings, I can picture people walking around, working, what would they think to see the place empty? Oh well. One thing you might find interesting is the Haverhill, Plaistow & Newton Street Railway. I wasn't able to dig up any info online, exept for a copy of an old booklet on the Hampton Library website, but eventually I managed to find it. If you're ever in the area and want to check out this piece of history drop me a line. I've only explored about a mile of it heading south, so there's plenty I haven't seen yet. It's all out in the woods, so makes for a nice walk. Here's a link to some pictures if you care: http://iussa.org/index.php?page=hampton_trolley


Burnt Hill   12-2-2003   from mattrez:


I recently visited your site on the megaliths of Burnt Hill in Heath, and wanted to thank you.  I understand that some time has past since it was most likely updated.  If you have any new info on this site, or general info on testing for alignment, I would be grateful if you could pass it on.  And if there is anything that I can assist you with pertaining to Burnt Hill, I would love to help.  These megaliths are new territory to me.  With the right guidance, and if you deem this a site w/potential I would be more than happy to map it out for you.  I live just minutes down the hill from Heath in the town of Charlemont. 



Thunderbirds and Michipessi   11-24-2003   from ashco:


I read your article on the "Mothman & The Thunderbird ..." and thought you may be interested in a couple of items.  I have taken the liberty of attaching an image from the most recent Illinois State Museum's quarterly publication and another from Virgil Vogel's book on Indian Place Names in Illinois.  Note that the "giant bird" or whatever it is supposed to have been at Piasa (Alton), Illinois looks more like a Michipessi with wings than an actual Thunderbird. 


(see link http://www.kstrom.net/isk/art/morriss/art_miss.html)

You may also want to compare the Thunderbird rubbing and photo in the third attachment with the cross-winged Thunderbird you illustrated which is almost identical with Hopewell examples cut from copper.  This particular Thunderbird petroglyph is in an effigy mound group I have worked at for the past nine years.  It is aligned to face the summer solstice sunset.  If you check Kevin Callahan's website, you can access many, many similar Thunderbird images from here in the upper Midwest.


Father Johns   11-21-2003   from da0011:


Not surprised you found the Father John's Medicine bottle.  Every household in the Merrimack Valley must have had hundreds of them.  Father John's Medicine was cough syrup we had as children growing up in the Lowell Area.  It most likely came from a home being cleaned up after an elderly relative died or went to a nursing home.  Back then there were no expiration dates on medicines.  Our own home probably had some lying around until about 10 years ago.  Father Johns Medicine was in the building located across from McQuades and to the right of the Birkes clothing store that I believe is still there.  There was also a furniture store in that building.  If I'm not mistaken, the words Father John's Medicine is still on that building



Spider Gates   11-19-2003   from isisoisis:

Growing up in Leicester....  I'm a bit older now.  My friends will occasional large me to look up spider gates and see what will happen.  So I found your writings.  No not going to tell any ghost stories about it... just glad you were very down to earth about the site.

But the other cemetery might be the one about a mile or so from the SG also in the wood, but is behind houses and not many people know about it.  And if you stumbled alone it ... mind you would have to be pretty drunk not to remember crossing Rt 56, but than again a lot of people who come back with the rumours are, and was inebriated or in a high state of adrenaline, fear factor, you would never remember where it was.  I know where it is but never went there as I didn't want to trespass on peoples lands and back yards to get to it.

It is older than the gates, so were ass the nun cemetery is younger, I better that is the mysterious cemetery that gets referred to.  Just thought I'd share that info with you.  Happy Hunting

Mothman   11-18-2003   from artbark01:


I took an Inkblot test online, and this was one of the inkblots they had.  It was quite eerie because of how much it looked like the Mothman.  Thank you for responding, this is just another thing that I just thought was interesting.  Either the people who set up this test purposely made the inkblot to look like this or just a coincidence.  It seems almost too perfect.  It looks exactly like a Man with wings standing.  Also note the red eyes on the top of the chest, as if it had no head.  Also I noticed this after reading up on you site, that on top of the head there is the spade shaped thing.  A little strange to me, but again it might have been done on purpose.

click to enlarge


Mothman   11-17-2003   from artbark01:


Do you think that maybe the holes in the Thunderbird figure, could perhaps be for small red stones...  Just a thought that I had when reading your site.



Lam: Interesting Note   11-14-2003   from hotpoot:


I read your Lam article with some interest.  I found it due to my searching for an image of Lam.  I had seen a picture in a book I cannot recall now. The image was not the one I've found at your site and elsewhere.  It was also supposedly hand drawn by Crowley, and had the "bug eyes" now associated with modern greys.  This may mean nothing, but it made me wonder.


Clinton Massachusetts   11-9-2003   from ablackvoid:


My friend and I were researching a place called The Bloody Forest in Clinton Massachusetts.  In one of your ventures through the Hoosac Tunnel you explained something about a railroad tunnel in Clinton Massachusetts.  We live around ten minutes from Clinton.  If you know anything about this railroad please respond.


Spider Gates Cemetery   11-5-2003   from racyrooster:


I saw your field excursion, and must say that I find you quite handsome in your vest and jacket.  ;)  I'd like to know, if you could tell me, if there is a proper name for the image on old headstones of faces with wings? Sometimes the image is a face with wings, other times it is a skull with wings?


Spider Gates   11-01-2003   from silentleader:


I grew up near Spider Gates in the 50's and 60's.  The rumors of Spider Gates being haunted was just a  means of high school boys (me included) to lure our girlfriends to a place for parking.  The Bancroft Tower was another great place to lure our girlfriends.


I never saw a ghost at Spider Gates or Bancroft Tower but I did have a good time looking for them.  I'd say your investigation of Spider Gates is an accurate one.  The only thing you left out is near by is Hot Dog Annie's.  Now that's a place to go for some good hot dogs and rootbeer after a night of ghost hunting!

Littleton Postcards   10-28-2003   from margreenda:


Enjoyed your Littleton postcards and your sometimes irreverent comments.  We do tend to take ourselves too seriously.  You seem to have taken up where Vince Couper left off.  Keep up the good work



Spider Gates   10-24-2003   from scohen:


I read with interest your journal which detailed your visit to Spider Gates as posted on your web site. I grew up in the West Tatnuck section of Worcester near Pleasant Street and Bailey Rd.  I remember as a child (1960's) hearing spooky stories of Spider Gates Cemetery, particularly of a headless horseman and similar tales.  I never did personally visit the site.  In fact, I never realized that there actually was such a place.  But since Halloween is a week away, I thought it would be interesting to search on the web and see if anything was ever written about Spider Gates.  You can imagine my surprise to find out that there is such an interest in the site.  I do not plan to visit, but it does satisfy my childhood curiosity so I thank you for your post.


Spider Gates   1-22-2003   from turtlequick:


Hi Dan!  I have much interest in Spider Gates but will not visit the site at night, it shows its unique beauty in the mid day, but gives me chills at night. A friend and I hiked down the hill to Spider Gates, I am very superstitious so I dare not to go in but my friend told me everything would be fine, the first gate however was wide open as if someone expected our visit, in all of your pictures all the gates remain closed. Can you tell me why this time the gates remained open?


Megalithic New England   10-21-2003   from luddite:


What, if any, archaeology has been conducted at any of these fascinating megalithic sites in New England?


I would like some information about Spider Gates   10-19-2003   from nstabile:


I am currently a sophomore at Assumption College in Worcester. I have worked as a reporter at a local paper in my hometown of Warwick RI, Warwick Beacon, and I am currently working for Assumption's newspaper Le Provocteur.  I have read your article on Spider's Gate Cemetery and I was intrigued.  This location is very close to Assumption's campus and I would very much like to do a story on it. With a such a desire I decided it would be best to contact someone who has been there and done his own investigation.  I am writing to ask if I could possibly interview you, a sort of comparison of notes if you will. As of right now I have not been granted approval to execute this story but I wanted to write to you in advance with the hopes of securing your assistance in this endeavor.


Lancaster Cemetery, Blood Forest   10-15-2003   from evamedusas:


Would you happen to know how to get to "Lancaster Cemetery" or "Blood Forest" in Lancaster, Massachusetts?  If so, can you give me directions to get there from Lowell, MA?  Me and my friends are writing a story for school about "haunted places" in Massachusetts, and we have looked all over online to find directions to this place.  We wanna go up so we can get some pictures and ask around.  If you have any information, or know of websites about "blood forest" and "old man blood", or any other "haunted places" in Massachusetts, I would really very much appreciate it.

Burnt Hill   10-7-2003   from dnolan22:


I am a Massachusetts resident who is looking to find the way to get to the summit of Burnt Hill to view the standing stone formations there located.  I will tell you that I made the trip out to Heath, but could not locate the way to get to the summit and am very wary about trespassing on resident's private property.  Based upon your web site with the pictures from the site, I am guessing that you know a path or spot (you mention a road on the western side of the hill) where one can get to the top of the hill without traipsing on Heath residents' land.  If you could pass this along to me, I would be most appreciative.  I will be making another journey out to Western Mass soon and would like to see the standing stone.  Please respond back when you can and thank you very much for any and all information that you can impart to me.


Hoosac Tunnel   10-4-2003   from roedick:

My great grandfather died on the day he was to retire from, I am guessing, an explosion as he was scalded.  Is there anyway I could get more information about him  his name was Cornelius Shea.  He was the engineer.  Any info would be appreciated.

Burnt Hill Standing Stones   9-25-2003   from Tiger52886:


In the near future I am planning on visiting the site of the standing stones in Heath, MA. I have done a little research about the area and I have read an article on the NEARA website which I believe was apart of your Field Journal.  Other than the information you provided in the article I have no information.  Hopefully I will be able to go up there and do a preliminary site check within the next few days, and then plan on spending a day, or a weekend up at the site.  I request that you can give me information about the standing stones, and the area they are in, I do not know if it is private property or if I need the city's' permission to enter the site, please send me this information along with a map of the site, if you would like to request anything of me please feel free to ask. there is not really a particular reason why I would like to visit this site other than curiosity, and the fact that i live in Massachusetts.  I would not call myself an archeologist, or perhaps not even an amateur one because I have not had the education, but I like to call myself an outdoorsman,
and I would like to perhaps pursue archeology a little bit more, this visit to the standing stones would help me. 


Bell Rock Cemetery in Malden   9-15-2003   from dianebrace010:


I was wondering if you could provide to me the address of the Bell Rock Cemetery in Malden, Massachusetts.  I would like to go there and take some photograph of my ancestor's gravestones.  I really enjoyed your website.  You took some fantastic pictures.  Do you think that gravestones come out better with color film or black and white.  I have been experimenting with both.  Many of the older graveyards are on the dark side and I have been finding it useful to make sure that I use an older camera with a flash.  Well, anyway, I could not find an address for Bell Rock Cemetery on the Internet.  Thank you in advance for any information you provide.


Odd Rock, Haverhill MA  9-15-2003  from stevem:


Attached please find two JPGs of an interesting rock in Haverhill, MA. It's located in the field behind Winnikinni Castle; the castle itself is located on a hill overlooking Kenoza Lake, right on Rt. 110 heading towards Merrimack, MA.

The rock has been there since I was a kid; I'm now 39, and has always stood out due to the circular hole in the middle of the stone, which is normally filled with water.  None of the locals that I've spoken with have ever been able to explain it, other than "it's always been there".  I have a hard time imagining this is the result of water erosion, but what the hell do I know...

click to enlarge


Caves Near Worcester  9-14-2003  from sefreedman:


Dear Mr. Boudillion: I am working as professional staff developer with a Middle School in Worcester, Massachusetts.  The teachers are interested in learning more about caves they might visit with their classes in the near future, as part of their study of ancient people.  You seem to have a wealth of information and experience with these kinds of formations.  Could they possible contact you to learn more about the caves, the history of ancient people near their area, and how to best access this information through site visits, classroom discussions, etc?  Thank you so much.


Directions  9-14-2003  from slato9:


Greetings: Please forward directions to hike to the stone structure in Heath and then the  Rattlesnake Gutter caves, especially the long cave, ASAP.  We will embark from Amherst, MA.  Thanks so much.


Help/Information   9-10-2003   from sh1smyle:

What do you make of this?  I found it on another site.  In your report at Spider Gates or "Friends Cemetery" or whatever you said that the last date in the cemetery for a stone was in the eighties.  This one says 98?   Please explain.

Burnt Hill   9-9-2003   from goudsward:


Hello from a slightly warmer, albeit soggier part of the country.  I'm planning a trip up into central MA and have managed to confuse myself about the Burnt Hill site.  Is it open to the public?  I see a number of field trips listed by local church and yoga groups, but no one mentions accessibility.  Do you go to the Blueberry farm and get permission?  Or does the farm shut down off season and you just wander to the hilltop?  Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Mothman & The Thunderbird   9-7-2003   from msblanch:


Seeking permission to include your report site in an article I am working on for Left Field Paranormal Studies & Investigations and would like permission to include some of the findings offered in this report.


Your Weird Spider Gates Stories   9-3-2003   from markmwnj: 


I am one of the publishers of a magazine - a travel journal of sorts - in which myself and my partner travel around our state gathering stories and investigating things of a "weird" nature.  Then we write about the places we've seen and people that we've met along the road in our magazine.  We have been doing this for about ten years now. 

Recently a lot of people have been writing to us telling us of the weird things in their own home states.  This got us to thinking that maybe we would like to publish something that featured stories from all around the country, so that people from all over the United States could share their own weird tales.  One of the sites we've gotten a lot of mail about is the Spider Gates Cemetery in Leicester, Mass.  While doing some research on this place on the Internet, I came upon your web site.  I found that many of the local legends told we'd been told about Spider Gates were remarkable similar to the stories that you've also reported about it. And I think that your stories is very well told, and it really captures the essence of the legend. 

I was wondering if you might be interested in contributing your version of this story, or any others you may know, to be printed in one of our publications.  We are inviting knowledgeable folks from all over the country to contribute stories and photos from their own little corner of the U.S. I see these people as sort of field scouts, roving reporters, a far flung team of correspondents.  I'd like to invite you to participate in this weird experiment.  I really think that what you've written adds to the rich tapestry of modern folklore that we seek to document.  I sincerely hope that you'll accept our invitation to come along on our weird ride!

Cave Tour, Family Trip   9-2-2003   from newenglandpartiot:


Dear sir, my son and family would like to explore some caves rich in minerals.  Can you please recommend a few in the Massachusetts area?  Thank you, I enjoyed your website.


Father John's Medicine   9-1-2003   wfrantastic:


Just a foot note for your information, Father John's Medicine was still being made up to 20 years ago.  As a child growing up in Vermont, in the late 50's my mother gave it to me every winter... I hated the stuff.  It had a gingerbread/spicy taste to it and it was thick and brown.  Could be a Native "donation"  even of recent decade.


Just dropping off a little appreciation   8-23-2003   from lunarsea33:


I found your investigation [Alistair Crowley's Lam & the Little Grey Men] in the least, informative and almost inspiring.  My view of the whole issue is synonymous with your own, not really questioning the existence of the 'Lam' - as my belief is that all things MAY exist on some level or in some realm - but contemplating why so many people believe in it.  I view 'Satanism' by definition the practice of weak, misguided and immature rich kids.

However, the notion of it's ability to open "portals" is intriguing.  Do you engage in spiritual development or cultivation of any sort?  If so could you perhaps share your methods and progress?  And if you do not practice inner progression, why not?


Cave in Rattlesnake Gutter   8-16-2033   from beanstlaurent:


Hi there, I came across your website and noticed you took a trip to Rattlesnake Gutter to explore some caves on November 25, 2002, and said you went into the longest cave in Franklin County.  I was just wondering if you could give me some directions to that site.  I am very interested in seeing what the cave has to offer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Standing Stones (Burnt Hill)   8-10-2003   from rebageeba:


Hi, I was just at Burnt Hill a few days back.  I too a few photos from the road below.  I was unable to access the hill cause of insurance regulations in place while the blueberries are being harvested (machines in use).  I went down the road to the next farm and bought some blueberries . I noticed a HUGE standing stone on that property right next to the house itself. Do you know if that was erected?  Or is it suppose to be there from ancient times? Like you said there has been hundreds of people in and around that area picking blueberries over the past fifty years or so.  The stone is in this photo.  I have read Celtic Mysteries of New England and also Barry Fells book America B.C..  I enjoyed visiting Heath it is a beautiful area.  So if you can shed some light on the stone in this photo I would appreciate it.  This stone is quite large.


Father John's Bottle   8-10-2003   from tamber12:


Finding the bottle where you did is curious indeed, but I have a different question for you.  I live in Kentucky, and found the very same style bottle on the grounds of a historic property that was being bulldozed for a subdivision.  Has anyone notified you giving you a monetary value of the bottle?  I would not sell it, but am curious. 


Spider Gates   8-9-2003   from area51et:


Hello, I recently read your article concerning Spider Gates after a friend informed me of it.  I've been down there numerous times, sometimes at night at pitch dark.  You went to the cemetery during the day . . . a total different experience.  Nighttime is different.  Every time I approached the cemetery at night from the trail in front of the runway, you can definitely feel a "presence" or "someone watching you" and random sounds in the woods, such as the breaking of sticks. 

There is another website with pictures of Spider Gates with the mysterious orbs in them.  I will try to find the website and send it to you if you already have not seen it.

Furthermore, the cemetery is carefully supervised by police.  Once a friend and I were caught at 2 AM by the police for trespassing, so be careful in the future and don't park your car in front of the trail, park somewhere else, such as Hotdog Annie's and walk to the cemetery to save yourself the trouble.

As for the hanging, there is not documentary evidence of such an event to have existed.  Why?  Rumor has it that the boy's family worked for the Telegram & Gazette and had the authority to keep the tragedy out of the headlines to avoid the attention to their family, and possibly the cemetery.


Enjoyed Your Site and ?'s   8-8-2003   from stevebu93:

I wanted to say that I enjoyed your site immensely, please keep up the good work!  I am currently studying for a PhD in anthropology with a focus on the study of religion, and I've always been fascinated by the history and archaeology of the area.  I did not see Dog Town on Cape Ann mentioned on your site, have you been there?  I went hiking there a few years ago, motivated by "New England's Things that Go Bump in the Night".  The ground is very rough and overgrown, but there are some interesting things to see, such as the boulders chiseled with "motivational messages" by an eccentric millionaire who once lived in the area.  I also found a stone chamber (this time an actual "colonial root cellar", I think) and an odd rock pile (again, as you said about many on Burnt Hill, probably recent, although an eerily head-shaped boulder was on top).  I'm especially interested in the Hockomock Swamp area, as I live close to it, although so far I've only been able to read about it.  Do you have any suggestions concerning paths to follow or methods of entering the area for hiking?  I recently came across NEARA as well and hope to join it when possible.  Thanks again for providing an interesting read.


Hoosac Website   8-3-03   from jkrail:


Dan: Great web site!  I really enjoyed the read.  The Hoosac tunnel is of great interest to me so I think that I can clear up a few mysteries. 


Under "Observations and Mysteries" concerning the old west shaft:  You can still get up to the top of the west shaft by taking West Shaft Road from Rt. 2, head down the road and where it takes a slight right turn and it should be up the hill on the left.  If you go by Labonte Rd./St. you have gone too far.  If you look on a topo map (North Adams Quad.) of the area you will see a slight depression up on the hill (a few hundred  feet up or so).  On the map look for the tunnel (a double dotted line) and at the top of the map there are the numbers 5' 657, look down the map and at the intersection of the lines is the old west shaft opening.  At the Western Gateway Museum in N. Adams you can see the video with Fritz Weatherbee climbing down the shaft.

Hoosac Hilton /Hotel: You found it!  It is the small room at center shaft, exciting stuff, eh??

Hidden Room: To the best of my knowledge there is no hidden room in the Hoosac Tunnel.

Center Shaft Vent Shafts: I understand that there are two smaller vents that corkscrew up to the central vent shaft above the main tunnel.

Also, there is a abandoned tunnel at the West Portal as well as the East Portal.  The west side tunnel is a well kept secret.  It took me a while to find it.


Something's not true about night creatures... (Mothman)  8-2-03   from just4us2002:

Per your article comparing Mothman w/the Thunderbird; as in some naturally nocturnal creatures (like my cat) reflects ORANGE eyes when in almost full darkness (partial light) and he is definitely an earthly creature and/or not paranormal.  Orange is not so far away on the light color spectrum from red - perhaps the noted creatures were reflecting at night, red street lights in it's eyes.  Waddling is not unlike a penguin whose legs, while standing upright, are wide so rubbing against it's torso it appears to be taking wider strides - not unlike the Mothman/Thunderbird.

As for seeing no head, again that is a misnomer because when light is to the back of a large upright animals silhouette it only shows the high spots. A condor or vulture has a long scrawny neck (it could be like a giraffes, but bent if you magnify/multiply it's size) which it usually bends down and in when walking/stalking.  So a similar silhouette would just about completely miss the head feature - with the exception of some of the highest spots of it's bent head, but only if it had lifted it up at the time above it's wings/shoulders.  A crawing/crying noise is normal for a birdlike animal like a crow.  Humming noises in flight is something different and points to a robotic like or hybrid creature. (aka UFO creatures "pets").

As for it's flying straight up and going long distances without flapping and at great speeds  only certain types of helicopters and hummingbirds can do that maneuver.  Non-flapping points to a bird that is mainly a glider/has hollow bones and a  very light wing structure.  Perhaps multiplying it's size by the fastest speed known to flying creatures existing presently we may come up with that answer.

As for not seeing a face, it's feet, or not clear about it's wings - I believe it is bat-like (scrunched pig-like face and snout) and has bat wings with some outside feathers.  It's feet should look like a bald eagles type with large parrot like clawed toes.

My answer to all of these types of sightings (big foots, Lochnessies, etc.) can be summed up as this (either one of 3 things are possible): a) they are once thought of as extinct creatures who have escape mass extinctions due to protective pockets of earth/isolated areas (thick forests, high mountains, deep lakes, streams, caves, separated land masses) and are alive and thriving but are scarce and generally shy away or are afraid of humans.  b) they are creatures from back in time who at times breakthrough magnetic aberrant time vortices on our earth (Bermuda Triangle etc.) and cannot return. or c) they are the "pets" of UFOnauts or constructs of them mimicking our past creatures.  Thanks.

Hoosac Tunnel  7-24-03   from toegrrl:


I just wanted to let you know that your website is one of the best I have come across in a long time.  As I have lived in Massachusetts all my life, it is great to see other people who are as fascinated with its mysteries as I.

I wondered if you had ever been to Clinton.  I live in Northboro, which as you probably know isn't too far from there - I am on the edge of Berlin.  My friends and I like to go to the abandoned train tunnel in the woods (which you mentioned...the, um, body bags thing) right near the dam.  Although this particular tunnel is a kiddie's playground compared to the Hoosac Tunnel in Western Mass, it isn't the only slightly sinister thing around this area. Although the Wachusett Reservoir itself is beautiful, the town of Clinton somehow exudes eeriness.  One area of land is covered with "No Trespassing" signs, hung on every tree, down the street from the old abandoned decaying railroad...  It makes me wonder if there is anything else of interest out there.  Have you found anything?  Not only that, but much of the surrounding towns seem to be shrouded in mystery.  Stories circulate of a place called the "Blood Forest" in Lancaster where murdered victims were hung from trees... (probably more legend than truth) and questions even arise in Westboro, where the old Westboro State mental hospital and the the abandoned Lyman Street School for the Boys still reside.  Supposedly, Lyman Street School for the Boys was a juvenile detention center in the early 1900's, and the Boston Strangler was sent there in his youth.  It still sits there, only recently boarded up, on farmland-- who knows why it was not demolished.  I don't know about any ghosts, but it is a thrilling little tour.  The mental hospital itself, still a large, imposing set of buildings, is mostly office buildings for the state, save a few halfway houses and a small juvenile hall.  Again, my friends and I have ventured around the sprawling grounds of Westboro State, as there are acres and acres of farmland.  It is quite odd, but way in the back, if you follow an old dirt path, it leads to another section of Westboro, near the courthouse and route 9, which is full of abandoned buildings.  These buildings include a church and some large brick houses.  I'm not quite sure why these structures remain, like the Lyman Street School for the Boys, when they are a potential danger.  My brother has also found a crematory deep in the woods between Northboro and Westboro, in the same region as Westboro State.

I also find it incredibly interesting that there are ancient stone circles in Massachusetts.  I have never read anything about these before, although it seems entirely plausible that the Celts had something to do with it.  As I recently traveled to Stonehenge (and, the lesser-known "Woodhenge" up the street--no joke--then we drove by Sting's house), I developed a love for old rocks of that sort.  Anyway, sorry for the overly wordy email, I just was happy to find a stellar website among all the britney fan sites and porn that clutters the web these days.


Your Web Page   7-16-03   from sunblock:


I greatly enjoyed running thru your web page. Thanks for taking the time to compile it for everyone.  Though I'm strictly an amateur and a beginner to boot, I'm fascinated by all of the antiquities around New England, and astounded at what they're still teaching kids in school about who "discovered" America.  One quick word on the Westford Knight. I went looking for it last week and though I was disappointed to only see the sword on first viewing, I took a look at rubbings and drawings that are depicted in "New England Ancient Mysteries," by Robert Ellis Cahill (picked up my copy at Mystery Hill in North Salem, NH). Then went back to the ledge and examined the site more closely.  There's a lot more there than just the sword. It might be worth another look, especially if you know what your looking for.  Unfortunately 600 years of weather and local development has taken its toll.  Keep up the great work. I'm sure there are a lot of others besides myself who appreciate it.


Faces... (Spider Gates)  7-13-03 from deathsangelxxv:


I was recently browsing the Internet, and happened upon your page talking about the little adventure to the Spider Gates Cemetery, and I noticed in the picture of the man (I assume it's you, I've never really visited before), you can see a face in a gap in the trees above his head. I realize it's probably a trick of the branches and camera focus, but I thought it was an interesting little detail especially with the subject of the pictures and article. . . .  I have enclosed the picture (unmodified, the face has been circled in red, and the text FACE has been added), but if you want to compare it to your original otherwise, you'll see that other than the added red, it's the same.  Thanks.


click to enlarge


Father John's Medicine Bottle   7-13-03   from deeceegullett:


Hi: Did you ever find out anything about this bottle?  Is it an antique?  I just purchased a dollar box of bottles at an auction and was trying to research their histories.  One of the bottles in the box lot is a twin to the one you have pictured except it is about ten inches instead of 8.  I would love to have any information you have gathered about this bottle.


Father John's Bottle   7-7-03  from jkress:


I have one too. . .



Shaker Spring at Harvard  7-1-03   from sawicki:


Dear Mr. Boudillion: I called Fruitlands Museum.  Curator claims to know nothing about the Harvard Shakers' unusual longevity at turn of century.  He should have at least had quick reference to the museum's "Shaker Spring Water" sign hung, or stored there--but he didn't allow the association of subject matters to flow.  Yet evidence suggests what you say is true.

Question #1:  Have you investigated the East Family Shaker Village for longevity, since your last web posting?  You are doing a great thing, and I thank you.  As the aging boomer generation gets ready to literally 'break the bank' on health care, clues present themselves for a healthy and natural longevity.  Special water is one of them.  It is almost odd how the thing languishes for lack of legitimate interest.  The Hunzakut tell us, just as the earlier Shakers told us, that the answer is in their water.

Question #2:  What is the geological formation that the Shaker spring at East Family, and the Poland spring sits in?

Question #3:  Did you discover later childbearing ages for the Shaker women at Harvard, turn of the century?  I see that question posted to one of your sites--but yet no answer.


Spider Gates  6-17-03   from ltc281994:


I was hoping to get some info about spider gate cemetery I heard it is a creepy place if you go there at the right time.  I was thinking of checking it out so I was hoping that you could tell me how to go about doing this like is there any certain things to do I heard that you have to walk through the same gate eight different times and you must do something between each time you walk through if you could give me some info that would be great.



Mothman/Thunderbird Article   6-16-03   from solarinus:


I must thank you for your article exploring a possible connection between Mothman and Thunderbird legends.  I have a slightly more than passing interest in the Mothman, and occasionally search the web for information concerning it, hoping that some new sightings or insight will have surfaced.  But most sites I find only contain re-hashings and paraphrasings of interviews from Point Pleasant.  Not only are these sites boring, but believing what I read there seems a little dangerous, considering it's second-hand nature.  Your site however, actually brings something new and interesting to the discussion, both in the form of rarely-noted sightings (at least as far as I have seen), and a new and definitely striking theory concerning the nature of Mothman.  That is so refreshing to see, honestly.   Thanks for what you've already contributed, and by all means, let me know if you publish or discover anything else concerning Mothman.



Three Lakes at Nashoba   6-13-03  from dema:


I THOUGHT there would be 3 bodies of water (ponds or lakes), because nahs-OH-bahk in Abenaki means 'At the Three Ponds', or 'People Living At the Three Ponds'.  It comes from NAHS (Three), POH-bahk(oo), Ponds, Lakes.  The Southern Algonkian dialect of Massachusek/Nipmuc would say NAHSH, with the SH sound, as in 'shit', and drop the P at the beginning of P8bagw. 



Mothman/Abenaki Thunderbird   6-6-03  from dema:


Kwai is a greeting, as in 'hello'.  I was working outdoors today, cutting rafter tails with a sawzall.  Gasko (Blue Heron) flew overhead, enroute from a marshy pond she was feeding in.  Later, I happened to glance up into the sky, squinting to avoid the sawdust I was creating, and I saw the silhouette of  Nadinahamasit, the Turkey Vulture.  If you have ever seen this unmistakable form above you, it is real easy to visualize the Thunderbird.  Black, all wings and primaries outstretched, just a ridin'-the-thermals, little no-neck head darting this way and that, looking for prey. 


From what you have described about the Fruitlands artifact, I believe Peabody's' is similar.  Colin Calloway's book, THE WESTERN ABENAKI, contains a photo of the Peabody Pennacook thunderbird, made from a copper kettle, about seven inches in length.  I have made copies in copper flashing in the past.  At Kennebec's Indian Rock, in Southwestern Maine, similar shapes have been carved into living rock that juts out into the current. This seems to be a shape well-known to our Ancestors who live all over New England (we call it N'dakinna, 'Our Land').  Wli Nanawalmezi, Take Good Care



Mothman/Abenaki Thunderbird   6-3-03  from dema:


Kwai - I am a Koasek Abenaki, and am very familiar with the thunderbird shape that you describe.  The one that you saw, attributed to be from Maine, is most likely Kennebec in origin.  The Kennebec Abenaki lived along the river of the same name, and spoke a dialect that was identical to my Relations.   However, are you aware that Harvard's Peabody Museum has an artifact that predates the one in the Fruitlands?  Harvard collected it from someone who robbed a Pennacook Abenaki gravesite in New Hampshire, and it dates to the late 1600's.  The two holes bored into the copper at the "chest" would have had a braintan lace knotted through them to suspend the ornament/talisman from the wearer's neck.  We have our own theories as to the significance....


I cannot tell you about 'Mothman', but let me explain about Pmola (puh-MOH-lah).  Our legends tell us of a being who appeared as a giant bird-like creature, with glowing red eyes and claws, who would swoop down on unsuspecting animals and people and carry them off ... never to be seen again.  The Indian peoples of the Eastern Seaboard and Woodlands all share similar stories.  Grandmothers and Mothers would caution their children to behave, lest Pmola find them unawares and carry them away.


I personally believe that the Thunderbird here in the East is based upon an ancient species of raptor, one that possessed a wingspan in excess of twenty feet.  These gigantic preying birds were the antecedents of the Eagles that are so important to our culture and traditions today.  Ancient oral traditions among the Algonquin/Abenaki tell us that these raptors rode the lightning and the thunderheads, coming up from the South, in a corridor that extends from Mexico right on up the Appalachians into New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.  I believe that the copper representation you refer to is this Thunder Being, and was made to harness the spiritual powers to benefit the wearer.  Our word for this Being is Badgi (BAH-dohn-KEE). 


There is much in our world that cannot be readily explained.  We Indians have always had our own beliefs that drove European Christians to persecute us as heathens, devil worshippers!  The irony is that now so many of the descendants of the Yankees are re-examining their own views about the (super)natural world, and what was once blasphemy is now studied by all.



Stone Circle  5-30-03  from houseofmica:


Hello, I was wondering if you knew about the stone circle in the picture I have included.  Maybe its nothing, but it sure looks like something.  I have outlined the stone circle in blue.  It is from an aerial view of the area behind my house in central Mass. in a pretty isolated area, so I don,t think many people have seen it yet.  I have spoken to an Elder who said that it is not a circle, but a (turtle) and it was once the sign of a good place to live.  Plenty of fresh water, wild food and game, sheltered from harsh weather.  I don’t know if it is anything, but it looks like something to me!  While looking at aerial photo’s, I noticed the circle.  I then sent a copy of it to an elder I know and was told that it is known as a turtle to her people the Oneida.  When they found these turtles they knew it was a good place to live.  Another Indian person has asked to go out at sunrise, midday and sunset with chalk to mark the movements of the sun - he was wanting to know if it is a calendar.  I have also noticed many large circle formations around this area and in near by towns, that appear to have been dug out, but never lined with stones, these are just perfect circular indentations in the ground.  You can see most of these clearly from the air. Actually the stone circle does look a lot like a turtle, don’t you think?



Medicine Bottle  5-25-03  from ryaneyestone:


I was wondering if you happened to notice which way the mouth of the bottle was pointing - it might have been telling you where to go next.



Poetry  5-23-03  from aandbmcnabb:

I found your poetry page and have enjoyed your poems. I liked every one of  them, but Wolf is my favorite. I love the woodland at dusk and night, and your poems bring clear visions of sights I hold in my memories. I, too, "wish to run" at times.  When the Gods Intervene speaks more to me about how God "works" than volumes of theology and I am going to share it with some close friends.  Early Dawn is very strong, I have two ancestresses who were accused witches, once again, your short poem says more than any book I have read on the subject  says.  Have you published any of your poems?  I would like to buy several copies if you have.  Also, I just have to tell you that my husband said your poems are better than any in a book of favorite poems we both read from.   


Medicine Bottle  5-21-03  from krosspt:


I was thrilled to see your Father John piece! Wonderful! The pictures are wonderful, clear as can be.  I have only seen a few donations of old cans, old bottles, never anything so definite.



Burnt Hill  5-21-03  from  aandbmcnabb:


I am a NEARA member and today a gentleman asked about Burnt Hill so, tonight I looked it up via Google.  What a wonderful report, the photos make me feel as if I had gone there.  Thank you for sharing this with the world.  Not only is your report readable, but your photos are works of art.  Keep up the good work.



Dolmen at Cadillac Mountain  5-21-03  from garret440:


I came across your website from the neara site and saw the photo of the dolmen on Cadillac mountain.  I have lived here all my life and had never heard of this.  I go to Acadia quite often with my kids and I would like so much to see this dolmen.  Any information that I received from you would be kept in utmost confidence, as I realize the tenuous situation of these types of artifacts.



Ceremony and Rocks  5-20-03  from jicdco:


Acton people interested in Indian stuff ... who comes to mind?



Monks Cave  4-9-03  from alan:


I did a Google search for Monks' Caves and your website popped up.  I was thrilled to see that information was available on the mysterious Monks' Caves.  I attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and took a real interest in the story of the Monks' Caves. Friends I met in Geology classes and others mentioned the Monks Caves to me. They had actually visited several of them. Probably ones you have on your website.  I'm fascinated with this story or legend and I'd love to learn more about these caves.  I was told that there are a series of these Monks' Caves along the Eastern mountain chains that are spaced approximately one day's hike from each other. I'd heard that the caves were built by Pre-Columbus missionary monks that traveled up and down the eastern U.S. by using these caves. Supposedly, the caves were built as protection from native Americans and foreign invaders. I was told each cave is well concealed and all have strategic views-some for celestial viewing.


By the way, I really enjoyed your website.  You are fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of New England.  Best regards and keep up the great work!



Hello From Jicdco  2-22-03  from jicdco:


Looks good you been busy.  What about that silver mine?  Can I go there?  Where is it?



Shaker Spring  1-25-2003  from rakurylowicz:


Did Harvard Shaker women acquire extended reproductive years with the water?  Has a study of their grave markers been done to answer this question?  Ref. National Geographic article 1973 "oldest people" - women in a cluster of "oldest people" in Caucus Mts giving birth into possibly late 50s.  Soviet takeover of that area, created census records.



A Comment About Your Webpage  1-23-03  from wulfloki:


Mr. Boudillion - I visited your website on Jan. 23rd, 2003, and I felt I must drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  I especially loved the in-depth way you go about checking out the places being written about, as in the "Spider Gates" case.  Excellent work!

I have done a bit of kicking about in Hockomock Swamp.  I walked along some hunters trails off towards the end of Elm Street near dawn.  Found nothing, heard nothing suspicious.  Later in the day, I wandered about the neighborhood there, and asked some of the locals some questions about whether or not they had ever noticed an inordinate number of local animals missing, or if they had ever had problems in the fall with animal predation [sic] on backyard gardens and the like.  None of the people I questioned had heard of things like that, though many had heard the "stories" of so-called Skunk Apes that may or may not dwell there.  They seemed amused, but not offended by my questions.  Most placed no credence in the reports at all, although one bow-hunter I ran into said he had heard screams one night while coming back in from hunting.  He said it WASN'T a rabbit being mauled, but I wonder?

You work speaks for itself, sir!  Keep it up!  We NEED more websites like yours!


Bored  1-14-03  kparker:

Hi, I'm an extremely adventurous but bored college student in Worcester Mass.  I'm looking for things to see that are close by. I've visited purgatory chasm, the asylum, and in the past week I've been to sleepy hollow New York, and I finally got around to visiting the Spider Gates cemetery.  I was wondering if you could give me a list of cool places that are close by.  Thanks


Spider Gates Cemetery  1-3-03  from currysangel:


Hello - I saw your website on Spider Gates Cemetery in Massachusetts.  The pictures are wonderful by the way.  I just wanted to let you know, you stated the there is only one gate not eight.  In fact there is eight.  The gates ate not like the main.  The gates maybe two trees or two rocks place a few feet apart.  They are very subtle but is fun to discover each one. there is a particular pattern you must go through each one to find the combination into "Hell".



NEARA  12-31-02 from matsif:


Sir - I found your website of extreme interest.  I once belonged to NEARA and may attend their May 2003 meeting.  What I am writing to you about is that will you planning on organizing a travel group (perhaps a two week tour) to visit the many sites that you have discovered?  If so I would love to be included in this arrangement.  If you need help on putting this all together, I can be of some service.



Thanks!  12-30-02  from rgold91:


I've enjoyed looking at your journal entries/photos!   Thanks in particular for the photos of Burnt Hill as I've yet to make it out there and have always wanted to.



Black Pond Page  12-23-02  from mawendt:


Your site is great, and an enjoyable read.  Thanx for  taking the time to put it together.  You wrote:

“On June 19, 2002, I investigated the enigmatic stone row at the Black Pond site to see how closely it aligned to the Midsummer Solstice sunrise.  The sun rose at 5:20 a.m., about 2 degrees to the right of the row.  The small variation in the sun's rising position between now and the actual Solstice on the 21st is not enough to correct this and make an exact  alignment.  The alignment is close, but I now have doubts that it is intentional.”

Have you considered that with the common changes of weather (frost heaving) could have misaligned this row, if (hypothetically) it had anything to do with MS sunrise?  I'd also venture, if it was related to MS, you'd probably find a similar row addressing WS.  Keep having fun.  Thanx again for the great site.



Hockomock Journals Have Been Updated  12-14-02  from johnk4678:


Hi Dan - Just a quick note to let you know my journals were updated today with the Lake Nippenicket expedition.  I read your journal entry regarding the Hockomock swamp and I believe you will find my expedition interesting as does reference some of the possible crypto-zoological oddities that have been reported in that area.  Here's my link again in case you lost your way.  http://home.attbi.com/~johnk4678/



Six Altars of Nashoba  12-4-02  from ryaneyestone:


Dear Dan - Nice Stone Turtle in the Black Pond photo!  Very clear to see - gave me a smile.  You have a wonderful site.  Thanks!



New Area  11-25-02  from barrettskrypeck:


I came across your site, and it is very interesting.  Lots of new places I've never heard of.  I was surprised to see that you had no mention of the 'bee-hive' chambers in Shutesbury, MA (western side of Quabbin).  They are on Mt. Mineral Rd., near Temenos (a new age type of retreat).  The chambers are underground, and are in the shape of a beehive, with stonework walls.  There is one very small opening to crawl through, and once inside it is about 3 by 3 feet, and 5 feet high.  I have only found one, my brother says he has found two, and supposedly there are a few more.  These are almost a guarded secret, and very few people know about them, or are willing to talk about them.  Of course some people say they are root cellars, but others date them back to the Vikings.  Maybe you can figure them out.  Good luck!



Half Moon Meadow Brook: A Sunrise Solstice Site  11-16-02  from kbarlow:


Hi - Enjoyed your report of Half Moon Meadow Brook.  However the site map on page 1 is skewed into the following text on Internet Explorer, and in Netscape it shows up as a broken link.  Thought you might like to know.



Pepperell Mine  11-13-02   from mbrown:


Came across your web site.  Curious where the Colonial Mine shaft is in Pepperell.  Doing research on early mining operations in Mass...



New Exploration  11-4-02  from stylin4041:


I have been trying to find an abandoned asylum in Massachusetts.  I've been to the woods where it is rumored to be located several times, and searched the internet without much progress.  I believe it is in the Carver/Plymouth area.  I think it may have operated in the early 1900's, but I am not sure when it was shut down.  If you have any information, please email me.  Thank you very much. 



Mothman Article  11-13-02  from davbak:


Hi Daniel – I am the founder and chairman of the Yorkshire UFO Society based in Sheffield, England.  I was very interested to see your article linking Mothman to the Thunderbird artefact.  So interested and impressed, in fact, that I would like to ask your permission to reproduce the article in our monthly magazine, Project Red Book.



Cobble Mountain in Mass  10-27-02  from cbs32393:


I recently heard of an old abandoned town named Cobble Mountain.  I am very interested in knowing where the Town of Cobble Mountain is located.  I know that hikers often walk through this town.  And if you do know or find the location of Cobble Mountain, what is the easiest directions to drive and then walk/hike?



Cross Stones???  10-27-02  from dfuller5:


Hi Daniel! - I found your site through Google when I was searching for information about cross stones in New England.  I was wondering if you had any information about them?  

My in-laws live on George Hill in Lancaster, Mass.  We often find dark, shale-like stones that have white crosses in them.  Today my son was helping to haul in wood from the forest on their land when he found a rock that had multiple of these cross stones.  One in particular is a nearly perfect "Christian Cross" that looks like it has an "X" tie on the cross bar.  We would love to know more about these rocks.  My father-in-law was told they only occur in a few places in the world but he had no further info.  Can you help?  



Crooked Forest in Savoy  10-24-02  from mkeovong:


Dear Mr. Boudillion - I came across your webpage when looking for a place to hike in the Berkshires.  The Crooked Forest caught my eye. There are no maps available online that  indicate where the Crooked Forest is in Savoy State Forest. If you could please give me some kind of direction, I would be very grateful.



Hi  10-22-02  from tewewee:


Daniel - Just wanted you to know that I love the photo!  This must be the wedding photo of you and your wife (I am assuming so).  I love that you are wearing a vest made out of the same material as her dress!  I love the Monhegan Wedding Blessing Poem as well!  You are quite talented!


I also read your article on the Thunderbird and Mothman: Separated at Birth?  I believe that you have something quite valid here.  Now... if we could just find the two of them and make them stand side by side for a few minutes ... heehee.


I am a writer/paranormal researcher in Houston, Texas.  Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your site!  Rich Hansen from my paranormal discussions group forwarded it to me!



Mothman and Thunderbird Comparison  1-22-02  from nicholas:


I feel compelled to tell you that I found an important misconception in your evaluation of the Pennacook figure. The shape in the native America figure is not a "head", but a stylized flame as shown by it's shape. This has been placed there to anthropomorphize the figure but does not show a solid head. This in my eyes makes the figures identical.



Your Close!  10-22-02  from kennnthomas:


The giant raptors were strong fliers and strong WALKERS.  They preferred making short trips on foot and they were the size of a man and walked almost erect (not like the usual bird).  Indians in Illinois dreaded meeting the giant raptor at night and mistaking it for a human, which happened.



Shaker’s Well  10-17-02  from la6565:


Hi Mr. Boudillion – I read your article with interest.  How great it would be to be able to drink that water.  I am 75 years old and it would be wonderful to have my life and others extended by drinking some of that water.


I would try to get a water sample from the well if possible (doesn't sound like the water is there now - covered by debris).   Also from the streams or water further down the hill and have them tested for the purity you are seeking.  Wouldn't be hard to just fill some little vials from that water.  No one should object.  If this water is of the former purity, I would then see if  the well could be made functional  by drilling deeper or whatever.  Then find a way to lease or buy that property if  possible.  (Does the government own the property?)


With the popularity of bottled water now, and the possibility of our deep water supply being also contaminated, this would be of much interest to the general public.    Then find out if it is possible to get a company which sells bottled water to the grocery stores, or rents monthly to the public, to be interested in a joint venture with you.


You would be doing a good thing for the public and would be of great benefit to yourself also.



Spider Gates  9-8-02  from droche:


Hello - I am a member of the trustees committee and former clerk of the Worcester-Pleasant Street Friends Meeting, 901 Pleasant Street, Worcester, Mass. 01602.


We are in the process of communicating to those interested our perspective of the cemetery.  As you stated in your site, the Friends Cemetery in Leicester, also known as "Spider Gates" is still an active cemetery.  We Friends have been somewhat amused, and, at the same time, somewhat concerned about recent publicity concerning supernatural phenomena at the site.  Frankly, we view the site as the final resting place for our members, and whether or not supernatural phenomena exists there is not of concern to most of us.  I have never experienced any such phenomena there, nor has any member of the meeting ever related to me having experienced such phenomena.


I would like to comment on some of the items mentioned on your web site:

1. Satanists absolutely DO NOT have permission to use the site.  We would consider any satanic type activity there to be totally inappropriate to the purpose of the cemetery.


2. I have heard that Satanists or witch-craft type people have held activities among the stones. Perhaps these groups qualify  to some people as Republicans, but I seriously doubt that Republicans would have to resort to holding meetings there.  In any event, we would not give permission to any political or occult group to hold meetings there.


3. The raised center of the cemetery is the  site of the old meeting house in Leicester. Ironic that it is called an "altar" as Quakers do not use altars.


4. I am not aware of a boy hanged from a tree at the site, or a girl killed in a cave nearby, but that is not to say that it couldn't have happened.


5. I had never seen or noticed the tunnel.  My guess is that it might be a drainage culvert?


6. Looking at the area where the grass doesn't grow, it looks to me like this  might be an old drainage ditch, which, being so wet, was overtaken by moss, precluding the growth of grass. My opinion only.

If you have any other questions about the cemetery, let me know.  We have nothing to hide about it.



Rock Mounds and Piles  7-31-02  from bigalbassey:


Hello - I own 45 acres in NY.  My property is on the old rt 2.  I have several rock piles , 5-6 ft walls and 1 very large rock mound.  Some of the piles have spaces in the center to see to the other side.  I have been asking around, and some one told me that there is a winter solstice formation with a large rock type chair back in the woods adjacent to my property.  I will be looking for it this week.  The large mound that I have, has several rock walls meet it and it sits much higher than anything around it.  Anyway, I feel the piles and mounds are possibly solstice (from what I have been reading in your web site about meadow brook) I am extremely interested in this and would like to learn more about this.  Do you know a lot about Indian rock formations.  I have got a lot of Q's.  Anything you could tell me would be of great help!!!  Thank you very much for your time.    



Dolman Stone  7-1-02  from terry.reams:


I was wondering if you had any info. on the sacrificial stone in F. Gilbert state park in Foxboro, mass.  I just went there and seen it but can find no info about it.  Can you point me in the right direction?  Thanks!



Cairns  6-26-02  from skic4:


Dear Sir - After seeing your web site I realized that we have some interesting rock formations on and around our farm.  Some are shaped like a turtle and some long and oval.  Others are tall and almost perfectly formed. Any information on this subject would be helpful.

Half Moon Meadow Brook  3-22-02  from nitehkmoon:


Thank-you!  I was fascinated by your article (and all the side trips I went on while reading it!)  Do you possibly have a "map":  diagram of the site?  My husband and I both grew up in Concord Ma, and we are very interested in such sites.  We would love to see this one if possible.  It sounds like you encourage visits.  My husband is much more familiar with the area, than I am (teens, cruising etc).  Could you send directions?  Rte 2 is mentioned in article ... that would be a great starting point!  Thank you for taking the time and having the heart to care about antiquities - they are a history of our country ... no matter who did the construction!   



Burnt Hill  1-1-02  from dellhome:


Dear Mr. Boudillion - As a NEARA member, long-time resident of Heath, Mass. and member of the research team that has for years been studying the standing stones on Burnt Hill, I am pleased you have taken an interest in the site but greatly troubled by your casual attitude about visiting private property and apparent assumption that you are the first to map the site.  I am disappointed that NEARA did not inform you of previous and ongoing studies and reports on this site.  Much has yet to be done up there, however traipsing around on private property without permission (particularly on a blueberry farm that can be ruined by feet in the wrong places) is likely to get us all kicked out!  Our work must be better coordinated and property owners must be consulted.



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