Rogue's Gallery

"No Trespassing"



by Daniel V. Boudillion


Updated 1 October 2009


The Usual Suspects in the Usual Places...


Ed Cornish ~ Burnt Hill


Dan Boudillion ~ Purgatory Falls NH

Rockin' some serious boots...



Andy Bowers ~ Crystal Pool


Ed Cornish ~ Perched Rock


Gary Boston ~ Hockomock Swamp

Dan Boudillion ~ Harvard Boulders


Jerry "Ringo" Kelley ~ Old Hoosac Tunnel


Dan Boudillion ~ Satan's Kingdom



Andy Bowers ~ Harvard Boulders



Leah Jablonski ~ Colonial Silver Mine

Dan Boudillion ~ Devil's Den



Scurv Dawg ~ Lucky Seven Cave


Glenn Broughton & Hugh Newman ~ Littleton Chamber



Dan Boudillion ~ Hoosac Old Tunnel



Ed Cornish ~ Devil's Den



Carlton Jablonski ~ Tannery Falls



Scurv Dawg ~ Satan's Kingdom


Jim Moore ~ Wizard's Glen


Scurv Dawg ~ Sunrise Rock


Ed Cornish ~ Purgatory Falls NH



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