Nothing is Easier to See then Lights in the Sky at Night

An Obvious Observation About UFOs





April 2004 by Daniel V. Boudillion







In the course of investigating the odd and unusual in New England, I have ended up (of necessity) reading a considerable number of books on Unidentified Flying Objects.  In the course of my reading I have made several observations – all quite obvious – that have not (to my knowledge) been addressed in the literature.  Here is one such for your consideration.


Note: My writing this article does not imply that I am a believer in UFOs or UFO entities.  My position on all such subjects is a cautious skepticism.  Whether these objects are real is not the subject of this essay, rather these are observations made on events as described in the literature as I understand it.

   Lights In The Sky At Night

Simple and simply put: nothing is easier to see than a light in the sky at night.  The sky is a big, wide open place.  At night, the most obvious objects are lighted objects – and the most obvious lighted objects are the ones in the sky.  In fact, they stick out and call your attention.


I live 20 miles from Boston under the eastbound approach to Logan Airport.  There are usually 4 to 5 planes visible from horizon to horizon at any given time on that route.  But when I am working in the yard, I rarely even notice one unless I look for them.  However, at night, I can not walk to the car without being fully aware of the full procession of planes.



Aircraft Lights at Night


If a person has legitimate business to be in the air at night, there is no reason not to have running lights.  In fact, it is an excellent safety feature, and required by aviation regulations and law.  If concealment is an issue for some reason, the best visual concealment is night flying without lights.  It stands to reason that the use of lights at night is done to be seen better, and the non-use of lights is for concealment.


Anomalous Aerial Lights


What do we make of these UFO’s, these lights in the sky at night?  You couldn’t pick a better way to be seen than to be lighted in the sky at night.  There are 3 possibilities that come to mind: 


They can’t help but be lighted.  If lights are a result of a UFO’s function (like noise is a result of a jet engine’s function) then a UFO would have considerable less visibility flying in daylight hours than all lit up at night. 


They don’t care if they are seen.  Perhaps they fly lit up at night because they just don’t care whether they are seen.  But if this were so, and they didn’t care if they were seen or not, they would be a lot more public and a part of consensus-reality by now.


They want to be seen.  Disconcerting as it may seem, perhaps there is some reason they want to be seen.  Perhaps this would fall into some sort of "you can see us but you can’t catch/prove us" category. 


There is nothing easier to see than a lighted object in the sky at night.  It seems to me that any object that flies all lit up at night is doing its best to be seen.  Obviously, any lit up object in the sky at night is not concerned about stealth.  If lights are a function of the object, then if they wanted to be the stealthiest under the circumstances they would fly during the daytime.  If they didn’t care, they would just go about their business in spite of us and in public.  But they don’t  – they keep to the depths of night – and then light themselves up and zip around.  A behavior that does not make much rational sense, least of all from a stealth standpoint.  You don’t go around lit up like a giant Christmas tree in the sky at night (a typical description) if you are trying to keep a low profile. 


supposedly a "flying triangle"


(Certainly, there have been reports, especially of the flying triangle variety, of all-black dark flying objects at night.  However, these often do have banks of lights and switch them on from time to time, and, they persist in flying low enough to be seen anyway, and over highly populated areas.  Again, this calls attention to them.)


One is left with the impression that the UFO are either very stupid in this regard, or that it is intentional in some inscrutable way that they fly in such a manner as to be seen most easily.  On one hand they appear to be acting stealthy, but on the other hand they make a big show of their acting stealthy.  My impression is the lights are meant to be seen – it can not logically be otherwise under the circumstances.  But I do not know why they are meant to be seen. 


If nothing else, this observation about them flying about in a manner that is the easiest way possible to be seen (yet still remaining unproved) should be food for thought. 



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